Sheila C.(non-registered)
Gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the finish product of my Grandchildren!!
Great web site! We must talk!
Miss Paula - I find that no matter what you do you are a sucess! Your photography is beautiful and thought provoking, the use of light and perspective is interesting and compelling. Much luck to you in your artistic endeavors. You can photograph me or my cats anytime!
Love your pictures; the light, the angles. Talented friend!
Todd Hardy(non-registered)
Hey PYE!
I love your symmetry and choice of lighting. Please take a photo of me one day; I think that you are the only one who clould find my inner self...
Hey Lady! You're work is amazing!! I never knew you had such a great eye for photos! You should have shared that when we were working together!! Continue on the with your work!!!
Anthony D. Meyers(non-registered)
I love your work! I really really love the direction that you're going, and I love your eye.
Dawn S.(non-registered)
Great stuff PYE! :-)
Karen Evora(non-registered)
Love what you are doing. I hope that one day you come to the studio and let Victor Gagliardi speak with you about making this your new career and quite possibly put your photos on our gallery walls.
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